The Waco GoodFellas is a non-profit organization located in Central Texas which strives to better the lives of families in need during the holiday season. We help children believe in the miracle of Christmas and the importance of giving. It all started over 20 years ago with a simple idea and a willingness to give back.

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Our Mission
As GoodFellas, we believe there is good in every child. We also believe that if a child's mind and heart can be touched with love and kindness at an early age, then he/she might start their journey into this world believing the same. We profess to help the youth of today with health and happiness. We wish every child to go through life with cheerfulness and optimism, to see the sunny side in life, and to strive to be the best in all aspects of their lives.

We feel one of the best ways to re-enforce these principles and reach a child's mind and heart is through something they enjoy and understand. It is for this reason we choose Christmas time and Santa Claus as our means to reach them. We feel this experience will have a lasting effect on them, their family members, and friends. We strive to accomplish these tasks on our own free time, without reservation, or recognition. As GoodFellas, we are all about giving kids a reason to believe!
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The Waco Goodfellas snap a pic with Santa after he arrives by helicopter to visit the kids at this year's Christmas Gift Event.